The Rail - What Was Really Doin’ in the 60’s Bronx! - Tommy Donovan - Tommy Donovan’s coming-of-age memoir depicts the struggles of the son of an Irish immigrant growing up in an all-Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx before and during 1960s. At home Tommy must wrestle with family dysfunction, while in the streets he must navigate a world where being a goy (gentile) confers a hurtful outsider status on him. Eventually, young Tommy’s life hangs in the balance. Tommy struggles not to surrender to the pull of drug addiction while fighting to break free and flee the Bronx for good. Confronting these formidable obstacles while growing up in the Bronx takes place center stage around ‘the rail’ where Tommy’s cohorts and nemeses meet daily. - Tommy Donovan, the “bastard son of an immigrant Irishman” writes powerfully about his involvement with gangs, sex, heroin addiction, and his inspiring struggle to heal the wounds of a painful childhood. It’s an engrossing journey from youth to manhood, from West Side Story to Bob Dylan. 
- Eve Pell, Award-winning investigative reporter,
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